Joint Pain Treatment

Joint pain impacts many people, osteoarthritis itself, affecting as many as 25 million people per year. Fortunately, modern medicine offers several ways for patients to recover from joint pain. Renewed Life Stem Cell in Sarasota, FL, utilizes these approaches to help its patients achieve a lifetime of comfort, wellness and mobility. If you or a loved one suffers from prolonged joint pain, our team can help. 


How Is Joint Pain Caused?

Your joints connect your bones, providing the mobility and support you need to move comfortably. Because they’re vital to your wellbeing, any damage to these joints can cause quite a lot of pain and movement impairment.

A number of conditions can result in joint pain, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Strains
  • Sprains

Because joint pain can be caused by many things, about one-third of adults experience it every thirty days. Today, joint pain most commonly affects the knees, shoulders, hips, and ankles. While acute joint pain can disappear within several weeks, chronic joint pain can last for months, greatly impacting a person’s day-to-day lifestyle.

Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain

Mesenchymal stem cells can be used to treat joint pain, assisting with cartilage repair and reducing direct inflammation. These stem cells can multiply and self-renew, even replicating special cell types responsible for forming your body’s tissues. Not only can some stem cells become cartilage cells, but muscle cells and nerve cells as well.

Mesenchymal stem cell injections introduce cells harvested from The Wharton’s jelly taken from the umbilical cord of a healthy mom and baby, repairing or recovering lost mass from joints, tendons, and ligaments. Chiropractic treatment also plays an important part in the healing process to help you recover completely from pain to assure long-term comfort.

Chiropractic Care for Joint Pain

Your chiropractor can introduce chiropractic physical therapy to help, too. By using different degrees of force, a chiropractor can adjust misaligned joints while targeting the source of a person’s pain. These adjustments improve the connection between joints, the spine, and the nervous system, a connection which affects many functions throughout the body.

Your Chiropractor in Sarasota, FL

Renewed Stem Cell has helped many Sarasota, FL, patients recover from long-term joint pain, utilizing both mesenchymal stem cells injections and chiropractic therapy to alleviate immobility, inflammation, and chronic pain.

If you or a loved one has experienced prolonged joint pain, ask our providers about our regenerative treatments and stem cell therapy. Each of our services prioritizes complete rejuvenation, providing custom-tailored solutions which target the source of pain. Give us a call at (941) 371-6779, and book an appointment to achieve a great quality of life for years to come.


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