Tendinitis Treatment

At Renewed Life Stem Cell Clinic in Sarasota, we are well-known for our revolutionary regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. Tendinitis is one of the many medical issues that we treat in our clinic with a high successful recovery rate for our patients. Tendinitis is common in the general public and as such, it is a common ailment that we treat. If it is not properly treated quickly, the medical condition can worsen over time due to a rupture in the tendon.


Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine are two revolutionary discoveries that have taken the medical industry by storm. From life-threatening illnesses, like heart disease, to hair and face regeneration, these techniques have helped patients to recover or sustain their health. Tendinitis treatment can also benefit from this remarkable discovery.

What is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis occurs when the tendon or tendons (i.e., thick cords attaching the bones to muscles) are inflamed. This condition occurs in most cases in the hip, shoulder, elbow, Achilles, or biceps. This inflammation can be very painful and prevent people from doing common daily tasks as a result. Furthermore, if left untreated, the tendon can deteriorate and produce intense pain which is medically referred to as tendinopathy.

Tendinitis is caused by the injury or the over usage of the tendons. That is why most people have encountered or will eventually encounter this condition one day regardless if the person is gardening, throwing a ball, exercising, doing heavy lifting, or skiing.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Injection

At our clinic, Mesenchymal stem cell injection therapy is one of the main treatment processes that our doctor uses to treat this condition. This treatment makes and maintains every body tissue. Thus, the Mesenchymal stem cells can uniquely replicate, differentiate, and divide.

These cells work as needed to develop various other cells the body needs to recover. Old tissue is replaced, and the damaged tissues are repaired. Some forms of Mesenchymal stem cells in adults replicate for the production of a specific tissue. Other Mesenchymal stem cells can reproduce to make several different types of tissues. This ability makes them valuable for therapeutic injections.

Tendinitis Treatment in Sarasota

For more information about tendinitis and how to overcome this medical issue using Mesenchymal stem cell injections and more, contact the Renewed Life Stem Cell Clinic today. Located in Sarasota, our professional and courteous staff is more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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