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I had an MRI done revealing two tears in my rotator cuff. As an active male in my late 30s this was a very frustrating injury because it prevented me from doing a lot of things I am used to doing. Not to mention the day to day pain performing even simple tasks or waking up in pain because I rolled over a certain way. I decided that instead of surgery I would have stem cell injections which was simply a shot in my shoulder in early December 2018. Being patient was the toughest thing for me personally as the recovery is gradual. So from a given day to the next it's hard to really notice a difference. But after 6 months I had another MRI in early June 2019 and it revealed that of my two tears one was totally healed and the other was significantly better. One tear was about half an inch so a rather significant tear. At this point I feel a ton better and am able to do all day to day things as before the injury. When I go to the gym I am still taking caution with a thing or two as I slowly work back into things. I am told that after six months the stem cells have done much of the repairing that they will do but there is improvement in most people from six months after treatment to a year. So I am hoping to get over the final hump and have the improved tear be healed in time. Bottom line I am happy with the decision to have stem cell injections instead of surgery as my injury was not one that would heal itself. Compared to where I was before stem cell I would say I am 90+% better. I would love to get that to 100% in months 6-12 and am optimistic that I will after seeing the results in the first six months. Stem cells are a real option that are worth exploring for anyone that has injuries that are not healing.

Dan C.

Upon seeing an orthopedic doctor, I was told x-rays showed severe arthritis mainly due to working too many long hours on the computer, which had caused cartilage to wear away at my wrist joints and that surgery was needed. Seeking alternatives to surgery, I saw Dr. Kenneth Carle, who gave some relief with adjustments and therapies, but this was temporary and I found myself using over-the-counter pain relievers multiple times a day, which was expensive and not good for my health in other ways. Cortisone shots and wrists braces, worn at night, did not help either. Activities that once were easy, such as opening a jar or starting the car with a key and shifting gears, and even changing the electric stimulation pads for therapy at work had become difficult to impossible due to excruciating pain. Pain that left me drained and lifeless by the end of the day, making it hard for me to deal with other of life’s responsibilities like making meals and cleaning house and being a cheerful companion to my husband, who often commented, “Why are you in such a bad mood, with that look on your face?” The look, which he referred to and came to recognize was the look of pain and sheer exhaustion from the pain. Finally, last October, 2018, I received stem cell injections in both wrists and within a week, the pain was gone. I can now do everything that was a problem for me before. I have not had to take as much as an aspirin since then. Being pain-free at age 72 has changed my life - I will be forever grateful for stem cell therapy!

Brenda P.


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